Search Process

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DJK Partners identifies and searches for the best candidates for each position. Typically these are passive candidates, who are not looking at job boards or sending out their resumes. These are the most creative, dedicated and productive people in their company.

Stage One – Analysis and Search

Situation Analysis
Review current situation, industry, and position requirements to define the parameters of the search.

Position Specification
Review description of the position's responsibilities and relationships, including individual goals for the candidate.

Market and Candidate Research
Search comprehensively to identify the target companies and individuals who meet your requirements.

Stage Two – Review and Selection

Candidate Interviews
Conduct interviews to assess candidates in relation to your requirements, concentrating on both compatibility and skills.

Presentation of Candidates
Provide and analyze the most qualified candidates. A minimum of three candidates are presented.

Candidate Reference Review
Perform and present comprehensive reference checks on each candidate.

Stage Three – Placement and Transition

Offer Presentation
Support selected candidate in accepting the offer, ensuring timely responses.

Assist candidate in making a smooth and professional transition into your company.

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