a high quality search firm

DJK Partners identifies and searches for the best candidates for each position. Typically these are passive candidates, who are not looking at job boards or sending out their resumes. These are the most creative, dedicated and productive people in their company.

The trend toward top quality boutique law firms formed by partners who have left large name firms is well established. Similarly, in the executive search field a boutique search firm can provide you with a number of advantages.

Experienced Partners

A smaller firm will give your search to an experienced partner who will manage the search including sourcing calls and reference checking.


More flexibility in fees and fee structure.

Industry Expertise

Typically, the smaller firm is a specialist in an industry, in our case Life Science.

Extensive Database

Extensive database of personal contacts built up and nurtured over three decades.

From the Regional sales manager to Human Resources of our most recent assignment:

DJK Partners is a 29 year old boutique specializing in Life Sciences.  We have filled over 100 positions ranging from sales and sales management, product management marketing, scientists of various levels, Business Development and Senior Management including VP and President level positions. Many of our searches are multiple searches with previous clients that consistently use our service, further validating our professional and successful methodologies.

Dennis Kane began his executive search career with MRI International after graduating from college with a degree in Engineering. After five years of consistent top performance, he left MRI to found DJK Partners in 1993. Today DJK Partners and its research team still provide that individual, personal service that many companies prefer.