Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Under our modified retained search program, DJK Partners will be given exclusive rights for the recruiting, screening and introduction of candidates for specific positions prior to their employment interviews.

Search Fee

The fee for our service is calculated at one-third (33%) of the hired candidate’s estimated first year compensation.

Payment Terms

A retainer of one-third of the estimated search fee is due upon acceptance of the assignment. A progress payment of one-third is due 30 days after the assignment begins, and the balance due upon the candidate’s date of start (adjusted for accepted salary).


All approved telephone, fax, overnight delivery, and travel expenses directly related to the assignment are billed separately. We will make every effort to minimize expenses.


If the placed candidate terminates or is terminated from his or her position for any reason other than lack of work within sixty (60) days of his or her date of start, DJK Partners will find a suitable replacement within a reasonable period of time following the termination.

For more information or industry references, please call (510) 529-4445

Search Process

DJK Partners identifies and searches for the best candidates for each position. Typically these are passive candidates, who are not looking at job boards or sending out their resumes. These are the most creative, dedicated and productive people in their company.

The trend toward top quality boutique law firms formed by partners who have left large name firms is well established.  Similarly, in the executive search field a boutique search firm can provide you with a number of advantages.

Stage One – Analysis &Search

Stage Two – Review & Selection

Stage Three – Placement & Transition